Thursday, December 24, 2009


Yo... real talk, sometimes I grind soooo hard out there and feel like at the end of the day what do I have to show for it? Will anyone ever believe these stories that my eyes, mind and soul have recorded? John Legend on stage with Jean Grae at an event we through back in 2004 for CMJ? John came from MSG straight to Crash Mansion to party with us!

Will anyone believe me, Mez got an invite from MF Grimm to run up in Carnegie Hall with the head of Red Bull to watch a DJ scratch with the orchestra there? After that we hit a Red Bull party downtown to party with madlib, j rocc and more??

I am grateful...this journey doesn't add up to material wealth yo... but on the divine scales of measure, I wonder sometimes if I am being a good man by always going against the grain and not NOT take risks when I get that feeling to leap! Yo.. this week was awesome... Mentally challenging because I am going to move to Japan in January. By taking a risk I got invited twice to go up to Chung King Studios to build and just be me, do what I, build on ideas and be an activist.

Of course I can't spill the beans in detail about what we talked about but it was a blessing... this was all given to me on the strength of DJ SARASA...thank u sista!

I got to link with Akir you may know him from Immortal Technique's albums... Did you know that Akir makes monsterous beats, to the point that as a producer myself I admit he's dwarfing my skills? Dude is a beast and has inspired an entire new chamber of thought related to making beats! Can't wait for yall to hear some music!!!

After vibing with Akir.. I decided to check out my Mike Marvelous Album I collaborated with Jaysage on and can you believe it is now over 12,000 downloads?

I am so thankful! My goal was for it to get to at LEAST 5,000 downloads by the end of 2009. I'm damn near to triple what I expected it to do! God is good yo!

I got to witness another snow storm and then get out there with my nephew and my Dad to take care of business shoveling!

These days I don't physically make time like when I was a kid to pray BUT this week was great... from intimacy to (I'm a lucky man.. my lady was killing me!!!), amazing food and great people to build with. I am so thankful for my health and for experiencing this week.

With much love and respect to the energies that have created me and the friends, peers and family that have shaped me. I am so thankful...

The future is gonna be awesome...



Karma is located on 51 First Avenue (Between 3rd & 4th streets) lower manhattan - soho area. Everyone must be 21 and Over to enter venue so bring proper I.D. Karma does not play and I can not do anything about you getting in if you forget your I.D. Doors open @ 7:30 and the cover is $15.

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