Thursday, December 10, 2009

NY's Finest on Chay Day

Even thought I woke up a tad bit late, I got so much done. I tracked out a song I did with Kensho Kuma called I Is. Miraculously I found the session despite me having to wipe my PC clean because of a virus a few weeks ago. I set up Mio's PC too, she's got a brand new dell yo.

It was about mmmm 9pm, I finished showering and bounced with the whip from L.I. to Soho to link with my best friend who's in town now, DJ SARASA. She was running with Halcyon and Chay. In transit Majesty hit me up so I convinced him to walk from Chambers uptown to Bowery Poetry club. He was with it...such a trooper yo! I got to NYC around the time he hit the area, found parking and boogie'd to link with him (that walk was no joke). While walking towards him.. I saw a homeless brother with a
black plastic was kinda breezy...humbly i just walked next to him, held out a dollar bill and was like, can you use this. He was like thank you so much.

Sometimes in NYC the homeless men and women are in their own planet. They do accept change and cash but not all the time, so I found out. Sometimes they just wanna talk, sometimes they don't wanna be bother. Last night I was so happy I could add on a little bit. After seeing him, a few steps ahead was the poet Chris Slaughter! It was amazing to see Chris yo. Chris has a great heart and teaches during the day, some of the toughest students in the city. I look up to him, he was spitting before I hit the scene and after buying his book circa 1999, I aspired to be great like him. He kicked it for a minute and I convinced him to see "The Road" which is a great reset for the human mind...Chotto depressing but really good!

Me and Chris said our peace and seconds later, I linked with Majesty...we bumped into G of Rebel Diaz in front of Bowery Poetry Club... Rebel Diaz is the truth yo shouts to Rodstarz..that's my dude right there...We peace up with G and his crew and ventured to catch DJ SARASA and her fam...Shortly after we linked with Krussia and we all ran up in a nice lil spot on Bleeker where Geology and Wajeed tag teamed the turntables for the night. It was ill because even though many people on the scene don't know me well by 1st name, they still are like "Yoooooo I knew that was u been..last time I seen you was...." I like that... You don't have to know the name yet... the fam recognize though..and show love... it's a blessing... I'd say more so because Wajeed and Geology are already's ill.. last time I saw them was in Central Park this summer.. they were bouncing from the park with the lovely Lady Kier:

The night was crazy... I met an indian cat named Shy and his friend Megan.. both mad, mad cool. We vibed to Wajeed getting busy on the tables, we were damn near 10 deep with the addition of Chay's friend MC K-Swift. It was great because DJ SARASA was getting busy off what K Swift was spinning was awesome.. her dance skills are always on point..she gets it in on the bgirl tip! I had to bus out the running man and a tiny bit of uprock myself lol...After kicking it for a few hours and having fun (on Chay's birthday night) it was time to bounce. I had a few Erroars in my pocket so I hit off Geology and Wajeed with them.

I wanted to hit a young lady with one of my cds and she asked me "uhmmm tell me though who are you..." As soon as I opened my mouth she was like " you know Amir??" I was like nah, not yet...she was like "You don't know Amir!!!!" then she put her hand in my face like if you don't know Amir then you're wack? ...I was speechless..did we just take a trip back to 1997-98 when it was cool to do that! She she-hulked a tiny scene that Majesty was not trying to entertain so my convo with her was done. I only approached cuz she seemed like fam of the djays etc...

I don't judge people on who they do and do not know, nor do I judge people on what they do and do not know. If I know more then someone in a particular area ima put them on... but I'm never like that, with anyone one. I respect where people come from and what they might've been through. There's much in my life that I have done that is documented that I can rattle off on some activist steez for the black and brown community and at the end of the day on a galactic scale, on a divine scale, might give me a kudo, but really means nothing. If you are a good person you are a good person and if your bad, you're just and a$$hole straight up. I am not ever, EVER trying to be and a$$hole

I peeped in a few moments who Amir (I found out while writing this is Amir Abdullah) was... I waited for him to take a tiny break from his own cypher to introduced myself... I told him... "If you're doing work throughout that day and can play this as some background music to vibe to, please feel free"...he was mad gracious yo... Amir looks like a young Dr. Cornel West. I felt bad I had to meet him like that, it was forced but I had to do it...Amir was cool from what I could tell with the djays for the night.. I peeped that too.. when bouncing I said peace to all the brothers in the cypher. In regards to that one young lady that wanted me to read her palm...Was I supposed to begin to peel the layers on some banana sh*t? It was sooo juvenile, I was like lo que sea yo...I was with such a great mix of peoples was her energy even like that when all of us were getting it in yo...? It's NYC though these kinds of people are always attached to the scene... I know it's hit or miss with people but I know where I'm going, maybe she will find out later like all the other haters ;-)

After the spot I drove the fam back to Brooklyn.. I tried to see if junclassic and Monsta X were rocking in Williamsburg. Their show with Waxpoetic got canceled. Thank God for Cell phones. I had a car full of peoples that were ready to hit up BK and get it in! After dropping off the fam, yes we all hopped in my lil AB and Majesty kicked it and broke bread literally at Crown Fried Chicken..and yes it was finger licking! yeah it's a hood spot.. yeah the chicken clogs arteries EARLY ...yeah the french fries are good as hell.. yeah it's not the healthiest but yeah yo it was damnnnnnn good! I headed back to NYC to link with Mio and give her the PC i hooked up for her..she was super happy yo...she'll grow quickly now on the music tip..i'm sure

The night was good. Most of my NYC nights are like this. It is amazing to see how many bonds you can build in a lifetime and it's fun to go out and connect, connect, connect with so many people. I really appreciate life for this reason. Much love to DJ SARASA, Majesty, Halcyon, Krussia, Mio, Chay, K-swift, Geology, Wajeed, Shy, Megan, Chris Slaughter and more... Life is good. Normally I don't spill the beans in regards to who I'm running with etc, etc... last night was pretty crazy so I had to write about it haha.. Below is some video from last night's Cypher!