Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Move to Japan & my 2009 in REVIEW

To my family, friends and fans,

Seriously was it just me or was 2009 one of the toughest years to live through!? For me it was a constant up and down ride on one of the worst rollercoasters ever HAHA... We made it though! Overall I cannot express how thankful I am for what I have and for what God has allowed me to do in the world of entertainment including the ability to become a full time artist.

With that in mind I am going to live in Japan for a season or 2 and will leave on January 8, 2009. The Internet makes it easy for me to still connect with artists and family here in the USA so I can basically be global while vibing in Tokyo.

To recap 2009, I made music for NIKE, visited Japan to rock 5 shows and climbed to the top of the legendary Mt. Fuji with 3 of the best friends I could ever have. My "Mike Marvelous" tribute to the passing of Michael Jackson reached 14.000 downloads when my expectation was merely 5000. My American Monsta remix album has reached over 68,000 downloads this year and my album/CD "Erroars" sold out in the Boston Hip Hop store 5 times (The Giant Peach (Cali) and Fat Beats (NYC) now have it in stock). If you want to support this CD email me or hit up those stores (check itunes as well)!

With so many accomplishments in the midst of close ones passing away, my close ones getting into legal troubles, me getting laid off, and more I am thankful I am still healthy and still kicking. We all have this adversity and I know I am preaching to the choir lol but I will say thank you to everyone that has been there to encourage me even during my most human moments (dealing with my mistakes and my victories). I am simply thankful.

We are connected as they say for a season, reason or a lifetime. This existence is a constant rollercoaster but I want to personally thank you for being there to experience with me my journey through life as an artist. For right now I am happy that you are still here, still reading what I got to say, you are still inspiring me to keep going and hopefully vice versa. NOW on to my 2009 RECAP...You may NOT have an idea as to how much I've done this year so below is a list of my 2009 features and accomplishments. Please enjoy!





* RAVAGE, d-pi & A.I. Platinum dedicate "Work That" to Japan's highflying ballerina style Pole dancers.

For more info:

* WYDU blog Interviews RAVAGE:

MARCH 2009:

* DJ SARASA & RAVAGE team up to provide the soundtrack for The NIKE Troupe ID Battle website!

* RAVAGE launches a NEW VIDEO "Gabarah" prod by WHOMIXEDTHIS?

Gabarah is featured on the RAVAGE the MeccaGodZilla CD titled "Erroars"

* RAVAGE produces "My Love" feat: MegaRan & Rufus Pipes off the MegaRan9 album.
Available here:

* RAVAGE's album "Erroars" sells out at (Boston) for the 3rd time

April 2009:

* RAVAGE produces the "John McCain Remix" for the Super Chron Flight Brothers' "Indonesia" album

May 2009:

* RAVAGE does the album cover for the Notoriousvillain Mixtape (B.I.G. -vs- MADVILLAIN) prod by WHOMIXEDTHIS?
Download it HERE:

* RAVAGE does the album cover for Sim-E's "The Layover"

* DJ FUSION of Fusebox Radio interviews RAVAGE:

* RAVAGE vocals featured on DJ SARASA's "One Time" of the Mr. B-Girl release

* Underground Unseen interviews RAVAGE:

JUNE 2009:

* RAVAGE rocks the mic for the Grassroots Artists MovEments "Green Hip Hop tour" in the BX:

* RAVAGE teams up with Krohme and Fidel to feature on DIVINE LIFE's "Blitz" single. Available here!!

* RAVAGE produces "Why Do I Do It" featuring thekeenone, Reggie and DJ Haze for the West Coast Banger "The Getaway" Available HERE:

* RAVAGE raps on the "Renaissance" track via junclassic's "South Side's
Savior" mixtape available here:

* RAVAGE and Jaysage release "Mike Marvelous" A Tribute to Michael Jackson. To date it's at 14,455 downloads! Download it here:

July 2009

* RAVAGE performs for Tongo Eisen-Martin's Write From Wrong @ the legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe in the LES (NYC)

August 2009

* DJ SARASA & RAVAGE to rock 5 shows throughout Japan and Climb Mt. Fuji during his 2 week stay in Tokyo!


* RAVAGE rocks Karma Lounge:

* RAVAGE guest stars on "Bionic 6" for the junclassic album "Imaginary Enemies"
Purchase CD & Listen here!


* RAVAGE rocks the Rebel Diaz Artspace in the BX

* RAVAGE releases his 2nd single using the Ryu Black moniker called "Heaven"
featuring Mariannie & junclassic. What's amazing about this story is that
my friend Mari was suffering from cancer around the time she laid down her
scratch vocals. While undergoing treatment Mari got the courage to lay down
her vocals for this single "Heaven." In early November, Mari revealed to me
that she's completely healed from Cancer! God Bless!
Please Download the “Heaven” single here:


* RAVAGE helps organize a Food & Clothing Drive with Pricetags Entertainment @Karma Lounge NYC

* RAVAGE rocks Brown Bag Allstar Thursday's show during CMJ Week NYC 2009 documented by Hip Hop's Legend Ernie Paniccioli.

* RAVAGE & Majesty Reunite on stage to tear up Karma Lounge


RAVAGE featured in Anna and Andrea's HIP HOP DOCUMENTARY TRAILER

I want to give thanks to all my friends, coworkers, family, bloggers and magazine fam that continue to support me and talk about me. To the fans that have gone above and beyond to help me expand, making videos, linking me with other artists and talking about me to your friends and on blogs...I LOVE YALL like brothers and sisters.. I CAN'T Grow without your help! 2010 should yield more growth and great music! To my family, thank you for your trust and your concerns...both help me stay unreasonable with my quest in life. Peace and love... itsumo

R.A.V.A.G.E the MeccaGodZilla aka RYU BLACK
(Restores Artistic Vision And Growth Everywhere)

Here's an album you can use to fuel your commute, workouts, and more...



Good luck with everything Rav. said...

Congratulations brother Happy New Year! 2010 will be even more worthy of your appreciation!!!

Sandilia said...

Congrats Mike. Sorry I missed the Nuyorican show, but saw it online and it was great. Very entertaining!! Good luck with all of your future endeavors and always remember you have alot of friends rooting for you. We love you and may the lord bless you and protect you along your journey. Remember to come back and visit ;0)


Nickname unavailable said...

Congratulations on all of yout triumphs this year. it was an absolute pleasure to meet you and I wish you the best in Japan!

Peace and Blessings -- Ihsan