Thursday, June 3, 2010

BP = Bad Planning

What better gift can the universe yield then human life itself and a planet flourishing with the proper elements to sustain it. Don't quote me but our bodies are what 85-90% water? And our planet is what like 75-80% water? And what's that.. Water and Oil Don't Mix?

God bless my blood pressure as I wanted to slap the flaming hell out of whatever suits are the bosses of the engineers who are in charge of what's going on...or who should have been monitoring what's going on better in the Gulf of Mexico.

When I went to electrical engineering school, I refused to cheat on tests and while I saw my peers cheating and advancing...I refused to cheat and I failed miserably.. BUT I wasn't going to be that idiot engineer that got super big bucks but totaly did a bullshit job because of my lack of circuits or physics knowledge..

Going back to BP, I read 3 articles in the Daily News by

I want to shout out that journalist for really digging in! The following are all ideas taken from the articles.

So where is this tragedy unfolding???
**Queen Bess Barried Island in the Gulf of Mexico aka Bird Island is DYING

When we found this dolphin, it was filled with oil. Oil was just pouring out of it..."-BP Contract Worker who took the Daily News on a surreptitious tour of the wildlife disaster unfolding in Lousiana. Marine life is dead and dying under a thick coating of crude

(Carcass of a decomposing dolphin on rocks at Queen Bess Island in Gulf of Mexico.)

The news crew took a look around via the guidance of one brave BP contract worker who surveyed the area first as to make sure no one was around! A pod of dolphins showed up shortly after the Daily News explored the area to review the damages...the dolphins showed up to swim with the vessel carry journalists and guide it back to land. "They know they are in trouble. We are all in trouble..." -BP Contract Worker

It is scary as fuck when dolphins are their looking out for humans in times of danger.. as if to let us know now to get back into water.. it's amazing how they showed up to help! We don't speak the same language yet.. we really do!

April 20th is when the explosion happened that took the lives of many people manning the oil rig. BP hired clean up crews who are now suing BP for health complications such as high blood pressure, nausea and pounding headaches...

After working the crew members have to take decontamination showers??? Isn't like that nucleur waste style??? biohazard style? oil is really that bad??? YES!

Seriously can you blame them? The smell of oil for a few hours at a time is something I wouldn't wish on my opposition (hi haters.. yes eff you too!)

The White House has launched a criminal investigation and told BP not to shred any paperwork! hahaha WHY WOULD YOU MENTION THAT!!!!!!:??? U already know they've been shredding since shortly after the explosion on April 20th... why not just run up in there and grab those papers?? The Reality is.. BP has probably been shredding papers way before April 20th...

Reading further into the article I learned that the same rig was once used by Anadarko Petroleum, Transoceans, Deepwater Horizon Drilling and Halliburton. With so many companies I question whether or not the equipment was even inspected... Those companies probably were on their FDA shit.. mmm "yeah yeah, you get a stamp of approval as long as u give me your word that everything is okay with this food meanwhile there's no need to check or monitor if what you put in the package is the same on the label" the FDA sucks too!

Clean up crews have also gotten sick from using this chemical dispersant called Corexit.. it's supposed to break up the oil into small droplets that are biodegradable...

It's crazy like what are the side effects for using Corexit and how much of that crap are they using?

I worry about how much oil is spreading..they said 30 Million Gallons is gone already?

sigh.. so like mmmmm we are once again water creatures, the planet is mostly water.. we have an incredibly powerful sun and melting polar icecaps which means more water.. mmm so we can use like Solar energy OR hydroelectric energy ..and we are using oil because.................

right.. because ????? right!

BP you suck fat balls.. all these jerks are soo heartless..the guy that runs BP was mad that his rep is being ruined and that he's not making money.. the Daily News article mentioned something like that.. How bout you fucking loser..what about the hundreds of animals u helped kill.. ?

sigh..these fucking politicians with their OFF SHORE DRILLING BULLSHIT... all i can think about is what happens when the water is too fucked up to drink! this is not even touching upon how much garbage and plastic is already in the water! Watching what is happening to human existence and the planet is fucking's annoying.. it's bullshit.. and guess what.. everyone walks around not giving a fuck!

i feel bad for Lousiana and the states and areas neighboring the Gulf. The daily news reported oil getting up to Alabama!

anyways.. Business men have to slow it down and stop thinking about their $$$$ so damn much before we get a earth whoopin like you wouldn't believe!

Currently I'm researching the cons of a garbage incinerator being put in the town where I live..the Mayor of my town is such a cocky bastard... I live in Strong Island. He feels it's okay to get a garbage incinerator to help burn NYC's garbage out in Long Island.

Hello.. we can barely take care of L.I. we need to handle our garbage properly as a nation!

we still don't separate things properly...after living in Japan, I was ashamed of how americans deal with garbage! I say this because when recycling plastic we were told that we shouldn't put random plastic bags in the recycling bags that we put other plastics? WTF!

Seriously though.. oil and coal have dominated energy sources for centuries...however humanity has evolved over the centuries...don't you think an aggressive push towards something that would save humanity and the planet would be a good idea!

People will say.. well u can't stop cold turkey and just start going hard on hydroelectric or solar stuff..and my statement for that is why? If drug addicts and alcoholics can kick the habit instantly.. like.. my pops.. he woke up one day and was like if he don't stop he's gonna be in the grave...and he quit drinking.. got help and is over 12 years clean.. no alcohol... one of my ex girlfriends used to smoke cigarettes and I told her.. ur gonna end up dying like 10 years earlier if u keep smoking.. ur beautiful.. stop killing yourself

and she quit that day! instantly.. didn't pick it up again

what's going on is life and death.. it's a survival issue..we don't know what the afterlife really one's come back from heaven or the other side to report what it's like..with that in mind we have this one life to live...why are we collectively (me included) sitting on the sidelines and not in the game to stop it! ? Why are you on the sidelines? If you care, then do something.. stop sitting the fuck down!

I actually do get in the game often.. I found that many people get jealous of you when you play well..and don't realize it's not about's about the team and progress

Egos have to be removed and the bigger picture really has to be analyzed.. Why are we here killing planet earth? Why? Is the human race cancer for the planet? Do beings on other planets kill off humans like a cancer? If humans overrun other planets are they considered cancerous to the universe as a whole..?

hehe.. the human race is like cancer yo! I bet earth feels that's up to us to really focus and NOT BE THAT!


p.s. shouts to Bash..thank you as always fam

*******JUNE 4 - 12:13AM update
Reports just mentioned that there's been a cap successfully put on the leak in the Gulf! They need to shut that motherfucker down considering rumors of what the US presence in the middle east really is... I heard some really crazy info that I won't leak here.. but it's crazy.. how Karma can equalize the unjust actions of oil hungry people

Solar Powered ANYTHING anytime soon please??? We have a few solar powered schools here... fully functioning.. can we please like get the process started?

A great movie to watch when you have time, related to what happens when a huge energy / power source like the sun gets blocked out and is no longer reaching the earth properly is

THE ROAD... what happens when water gets fucked up, or any other huge source of energy that is essential for the existence of our race? WATCH THE ROAD.. YOU Won't BE SORRY

Here's an album you can use to fuel your commute, workouts, and more...


L said...

Such a well, thought out entry my brutha. Thank you for voicing your opinion... I feel great sadness seein' flix of what's goin on yo. And its another reminder why we recycle so hard here in JP.

MeccaGodZilla said...

Thank you sista!

the issue at hand fuels all of my conversations these days.. I keep thinking about the marine life and the peoples and communities that live off of that

There's been over 2000 oil spills here in NYC as well..NOT as big but the report was retarded..over 2000! that was reported today because of the seriously terrible issues in the GULF..the stuff in NY is scary because it's like yo is that gonna f*ck with our drinking water!

When I was a child, back in 1989 the news reported that tap water in Long Island was the 2nd best and safest tap water to drink in all of the USA... I remember in 1995 or 1996 when a blue notice went out and mentioned we have to start boiling our water. The water peoples had to flush the system with chlorine but didn't say exactly why.

I miss the 80s and 90s! I remember in Brooklyn you couldn't really drink the tap water all the time BUT in Long Island it was great.. I still remember the taste..and now I regret much that I wasn't a fan, as a kid, of drinking water!

Always wanted that legal form of cocaine aka sugar in my drinks!

L..this sh*t is so scary but I'm hopeful. I wish Obama would be super radical and not read off the cue cards or spit his preconceived speech stuff and be super bold like...on some random sh*t and go after clean NEW Energy stuff..and really talk about that...

I just want to see change! We used to plant trees for Arbor Day and talk about how cool science is... but science and greed is killing he planet.. quickly... it's so frustrating that I have to numb my thoughts because as a whole, the people that need to be concerned here are worried about sex and money..they don't give a sh*t unless their families or money is being effected.

There's a small population that gives a f*ck... I feel like David vs Goliath everyday... but as they say...the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains so I will continue to believe! And God willing I'll be driving a hydroelectric or super solar powered vehicle in the next 5 to 10 years ;-)

thank you for checking in Sista! Whatever you find out there.. hit me up! You always find great news!