Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Friends, How many of us have them?

Recently, 3 friends that I have (they don't know each other however) asked me about conspiracy theory stuff and what I thought about it. I voiced my opinion and mentioned the point that life is just so many different complex layers, like if the conspiracy stuff is not threatening my life then I am not really trying to give it power with my thoughts focused on it.

My friends then sent me some youtube videos so I started getting mmmmmmmmmmm more enrolled in the ideas. I had one person in mind that I knew of, that would be great to talk to because they are literally outside of the country now studying (good luck!!!!) and could totally provide me with the much needed objectivity that could help balance my mind

The feelings that started growing were strong and confusing inside but this one friend of mine seems to always come thru in the clutch when I am unclear. I haven't physically met this person either but in life it's not always about that...consider the internet is not a tool that put people right in front of each other, without being right in front of each other haha.

Many times we don't properly thank people.. like we thank them but don't really thank them with gratitude. I am thankful that I have people in my life that are there even during the most confusing times for me..almost like a drop of a dime... they may not always be there but I am thankful that each time I reach out for help...a friend steps to the challenge to lend insight and be there with me so I can stand and walk with clarity
it's amazing

even more so because many people can't say that actually have that in their lives. It's a blessing, an extremely huge blessing for me!

Thank you to that great online friend of mine haha

OH.. how bout this honorable mention by one of NYC's most consistent and ridiculously ill emcees..I've seen his live show, we rocked together at Brown Bag Thursdays downtown in the LES. The crowd by the time Jesse got on stage was thinning out..he rocked that crowd like it was 100 people so much so that the room filled UP again cuz people could here in the next room so they went back in to see him tear shit up!
his live freestyle was retarded! no disrespect to the people who actually are.. well u know
anyways.. MURDERED IT! Below is a song where he name drops over 75 emcees.. check for my name, MeccaGodZilla in the last verse ;-) Thanks Jesse!

<a href="">Harvest of Names by Jesse Abraham</a>
Here's an album you can use to fuel your commute, workouts, and more...

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