Monday, June 28, 2010

Recap of LiKWUiDz album release @Wealthy Ho$tage BK

This past Saturday was LiKWUiD's album release party at Wealthy Ho$tage

Wyze Mindz opened the show...

and lyrically were in alignment with where I was about to take it. I was up 2nd and the room, was maybe close to 90 deep..some people scattered on the outside.

DJ Tomoko arrived 24hours earlier so she was in town to hold me down on the 1s and 2s.

Yo when I say I tore that sh*t apart, I swear, you just had to be there... video does not capture well the energy that was present in the room that day and how the crowd reacted to the lyrics I spit.

DJ Tomoko was playing behind me live via her PC and MPD.. she was killing it!

Lastly Mio Fujii came to the stage to finish my set with a live acapella... the fans really gravitated towards her too.. her EP's coming so that should be fun!

It was a straight up blessing to get such a reaction and afterwards have so many different kinds of men and women come up to me to ask about buying my music, and figure out who the hell I was.

After me...Game Rebellion rocked in they normal fashion tearing the house down

and the highlight was the woman of the day LiKWUiD backed by the Gummy Bears and Champagne band and Kodi Me'chele as the hype woman.. the set was really dope.. i copped me an album and got LiKWUiDz autograph... My favorite song is "Go L" such an amazing hip hop style vibe.... LiKWUiD really rocked the crowd with that.. such a fun song! Everyone brought there A game with the performances.. I feel bad for the peoples that missed it.. the energy was just right in the room yo.. it was perfect! A nice mix of the old school fam, the new school guys and girls..and some of the OG jamaican and african heads.. it was dope!

I even bought the owners of Wealthy Ho$tage a CD to play in the store.. so I had to invest $20 in LiKWUiD that night! she killed it!

Shouts to Pricetags Ent.. Shreen and Rachel are the best!, shouts to Wealthy Ho$tage, Frank 151 for giving us some of the frank 151 mags and everyone that participated.. I met so many great peoples.. Manny Faces, Jordan Ievine, Chani and was amazing! Oh and Charam P! She was in the house with some other familiar faces.. I swear.. God smack me if I'm wrong but it may be Charam's gf, gosh sooo beautiful.. she's half irish/half japanese.. amazing features.. soo kind too! shouts to those 2 ladies right there!

Lastly Gene and his team totally held it down for us. Big thank youz to Gene for letting us rock at his spot in BK...Wealthy Ho$tage!

most of these photos were taken by Shreen of Pricetags ENT and Manny of

Here's an album you can use to fuel your commute, workouts, and more...

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