Thursday, February 11, 2010

J loves Japan

Last night was like all the loose ends being tied together. Illa J is in town.. DJ SARASA cut LOOSE on the 1s and 2s.. like totally, totally, totally bodied her set..

Illa J rocked the hell outta the crowd while DJ SARASA spun.. it was dope to see Illa J covering some of Dilla's songs.. i actually felt that I was watching Dilla himself at times.. they look soo similar..the vocals are soo similar...

Illa J's positive E is sooooo amazing.. everyone showed him a lot of love yesterday and overall, to have the Applebum fam, Supreme JP fam, 4 fingaz, d-pi, sayori, akko, noel, mariko and jessica, dj tomoko (that's my sista right there!!!!), Yuka (that's my sista too!!! lol), DJ Shu-G, Akkee, Ben the Ace, Chiba and more.. to have all the people i really care about there.. was a blessing

we were there for an incredible live show..
it was sooo packed..there was no breathing room..let alone dancing room..haha u were not dancing much! just rocking and vibing!!!!

Shouts to Shiho and Akiko for holding down the table and running tings up stair.. yall are the best.. Akiko's got this really dope J Dilla buttons yo! after building with her it turns out she knows Jessica from IheartDilla ...such a small world.. it's all fam!


Who is Chay$theGreat? said...

you are still in Japan! I am soooo jelly...wish I was there with y'all!

MeccaGodZilla said...

peace Chay! yes sista..i'm still here.. so far it's sooo good..

i wish you were here too! u get it in on that dancefloor yo!!!! u'd have a ball out there!