Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mimismooth by way of Sayori

My friend Noel...introduced me to Sayori at the Illa J show that DJ SARASA spun at! Sayori's vibe is just amazing... long story short... I feel like we're on the same train of thought...

She hit me up to link with her best friend Mimismooth.. so i checked out her myspace 1st to listen to... "yumekamakotoka"

OH MY GOD.. sick!!! come to find out.. Budamunky was on the beats!!! that's my dude!!!!!

We ventured to Shibuya this evening to eat and vibe... ON MY WAY THERE... i bumped into pikachu

the food was awesome by the way.. mexicano stylee! Just us was very powerful! Mimi had this program on her iphone an started making an impromptu song at the table.. tell me why here vocals are like Amel Larrieux????

Mimi's vocal.. I sh*t you not.. is in the vein yo! she's too talented not to be all over ya billboards yo!

(Sayori & Mimismooth)

We're gonna make music together.. stay tuned! Arigato Sayori chan!

OH! Mimi's got something new in Tower Records yo.. she worked with some musicians from Brazil.. check out the album in Tower Records Shibuya ASAP!!!! Mental Abstrato, Pure should be on the 3rd floor


The 5th Ultra said...

Hold the fuck up!! You mean to tell me they have a Tower Records in Japan,i thought they closed them all? Damn they are hella lucky to still have a Tower Records,i miss that place. Thats some bullshit! LOL..

Anonymous said...

yeah yo we still have a Tower Records! I feel so happy that some ppl are still buy cds over here.

Meccaaa we had a good time together!:) Man... I already miss Mimismooooth!

The 5th Ultra said...

Yeah,arent you guys the lucky ones :) but on the real thats cool.. its just another reason among the many,for me to visit.. and you guys def look like it was goodtimes,and mad fun..

ritmistas da sessão said...

disco classic, smart already bought the disc, check here


MeccaGodZilla said...

haha Yeah 5th Ultra.. tower is still there.. they got HMV and another spot called Tsutaya...

it's really ill..and the cds are going for like 2000+YEN which is the equivalent to like $22+ american dollars dude.. there's love over here still!

Sayori thank u for introducing me to mimi.. u and her are two amazing young women.. it was an honor to meet u too!

peace itsumo

The 5th Ultra said...

Ok now im starting to get jealous,lol.. i can imagine that the Tower there is off the meter.. ive been gone 4 a minute but was meaning to ask about the 4 finger ring you rocking,but now i see that you have posted a lil info on it.. goodlooking out..

Peace,The 5th