Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Valentine's Day Dancefloor Massacre

.... so my valentine's eve started off great.. Shiho looked out and hooked me up to go to this party at the top of Roppongi Hills, the 52nd floor overlooking Tokyo!

I hop in the cab to meet Mari and Yasuka and totally lose my "hell phone" in the cab!!!! I lost my cell., the heck was I supposed to contact them when I got there? baka!!!! I hit the internet cafe and Mari was on standby via text message.. thank God for INTERNET CAFES!!!!!!!!!!!! sooo helpful

After 1 hour of walking around trying to find Zara in Roppongi Hills, I found Mari and Yasuka! the design is beautiful there but kind of confusing.. anyways.. that was only the start.. after being around those 2 for 10 minutes..and receiving the below gift made by Mari herself....

I was chillin and happy once again...and below's how the night went... enjoy!

It was kinda of funny cuz the night started getting a lil crazy... Yas and Mari-fly's step sista showed up to dance too lol

and almost at the end of the night.. u can tell it was literally getting outta control haha my dude was having mad fun...shirt off and all that!!!

but is it me or does he kind of look like the guy from Eddie Murphy's golden child... lol!

haha! gomen!!! peace!!! Shiho...thank you!!! If you are reading this i really appreciate you taking the time to learn about my life.. my life is very tough but very amazing too.. and this blog represents the highlights of my life... thank u for reading!

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