Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday!

Early today, Cavalier ventures out to Strong Island so we can record verses for Kojoe's upcoming mixtape joint, Road to Riches.. I think this is going on Ish One's Japan Vol 4. Mixtape! Thank you Kojoe! Me and Cav body it!

Thank you Evan of Richsonz!

I venture home to vibe to the superbowl.. My Goodness the game was crazy..started off slow but then kats really starting going for it.. I was rootin for the Steelers at the end.. I really wanted them to fight back and win..if there was more time.. Maybe! Very good game though!

5 Successes of 2/7/2011

1. Recorded with Cavalier for Kojoe's Song
2. Helped my friend with some english translation
3. Having a great building session via text message with Mio chan
4. Ate really, really, really great dinner tonight.. shouts to pops for mixing mustard greens with bok choy!
5. Had an empowering conversation with my Uncle about humility
6. Helped secure my homegirl (model) an interview with a powerful NY site


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