Tuesday, February 22, 2011

V season 2????

WOW V season 2 is online!!?????

check this out when u can

all of season 2's episodes are at the above link..

go to season 2 episode 3 for example.. the above page will take u to this link here:


Once you get to that page.. look for the link towards the upper left side of your screen.. you will see it says "DVDRip / Standard Def" and under that it will show "source #1" , "souce #2" and so on.. pick ANY source you want.. it will lead you to a Mega Upload link...

it will say something like this for example

"Proceed to: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OB07BOUB"

Just click that megaupload link.. you'll see a 45 second countdown and then the download link will be revealed so that u can save the movie to ur computer.. after the 45 sec countdown..just click "regular download" and ur all set..the movie will download to ur computer.. u can watch it

the megaupload site is 1000000% safe.. no viruses etc..

I strongly recommend if you are a real V fan to buy the series here to support the amazing cast and producers for their incredible work. When Season 2 is available on DVD..please support that too.

***PLEASE NOTE the above video links on www.icefilms.info are something I did not create


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