Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tuesday was blessed

Today was awesome...I woke up to some incredible emails... one of them was corporate gossip! Such a great story... and I love how my friend totally stayed virtuous and didn't get caught up in the drama that others got involved in... it's amazing what people will do for $$$ big up to my friend for really staying true!

I also found out that rent in some parts of China is like $ emmmmm.. i might have to be out! As long as I can eat clean food and have hot water..i'm damn sure about to be OUT!!!!!!! go out there..get inspired and come back and DESTROY the states as if it was GodZilla visiting hong kong hehe.. destroy it musically that is! eff convention..ima stay free with this music making! anyways....

5 successes of 2/8

1. Lined up some great meetings for the remainder of the week
2. Called newspapers to finish solidifying my LLC process
3. Made some fire using Traumah Drums
4. I found out I am in the new FLJ Magazine in Japan ;-) YES!!
5. Finally got to watch my favorite show on TV ..I always miss it cuz I'm always running around

Tomorrow I gotta go harder yo! so much to do....!


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