Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Unexpected

I used to feel like RZA was the last person on my list that I really, really, wanted to meet this lifetime. To date I've met Mohammed Ali, GZA, Ghostface, tons of other emcees, athletes and actors. I hit up my favorite Chinese spot in NYC for some Xiao Long Bao today

and BOOM!!!!... Bokeem Woodbine is sitting right there, facing the entrance. I make eye contact and I could tell, he knew I was gonna go over there... I was humbled...this is the guy that is responsible for some many dope movies... he's acting is really great

(taken from Black Dynamite)

He's someone I looked up to when strapped came out...I was so young then... I aspired to be powerful in my own way like he was on the big was an honor to meet him and when he said that back to me...I was just humbled. I realized that RZA is not the only one left on my list...there are tons more incredible "icons" or "stars" I'd be happy to meet..

It's awesome...I read that he's a student of Shifu Shi Yan Ming who is also someone I met at the same restaurant! What if we were all there at 1 time to break bread??? I'll shoot for that next

5 successes of 2/15

1. Set up a meeting for my taxes on Thursday
2. Had a great meeting with 2 friends, we're gonna do something powerful this'll see
3. Spoke to Kong, we started on something new, he likes 4 beats I sent him so far
4. Ate some really great food at Pax near Bryant Park
5. Put some $ away for savings ;-)


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