Monday, February 7, 2011

Traumah Drums???

I think I am gonna go in and support this brother yo! His drums are crazy.. This is gonna be great to see what my future projects sound like!

TraumahDrums from Traumah Drums

5 Successes of 2/7/2011

1. Had a great meeting with Malcolm
2. Great conversation with DJ DAS
3. Spoke with d-pi and gave him some ends for helping Ryu Black
4. Spoke with my boy that has a really dope new product, I emailed him my pitch!
5. Focused on seeing sick uncle for Tuesday
6. Had a dope lunch with ER
7. Copped some Traumah Drums
8. Convinced fujiisan to set up a much needed meeting for later this week
9. Spoke with my homegirl out in TX on email
10. Spoke with a dope photographer, she'll shoot me soon too thank you sista!!!

Peace for now yall... I am on a quest to live forever via music and my legacy, listen out for the kid... I got aces up the sleeve yo!


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